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[SAFETYNET India] Data to Policy workshop, Pune, India, December 2023

Module 1: Identifying policy briefs

The SAFETYNET Public Health Workforce Development (PHWD) fellows, Dr. Srividya, Dr. Anurag and Dr. Nivethitha attended a 5-day ‘Data to Policy’ workshop jointly organized by the Commiserate of Health Services, Maharashtra and Data Impact Program, Vital Strategies, from 8-12 December.

The workshop focuses on teaching participants on using national health program data to inform health policy options. The workshop is spread over three months, each month having a one-week in-person module. The week in December consisted of identifying the health outcome of interest that needs to be improved, identifying the primary cause leading to the health outcome, conducting root cause analysis to identify critical cause and then to suggest three policy options to address the critical cause based on literature review and stakeholder interviews.

Photo 1. SAFETYNET fellows interacting with their mentor, Dr Ric Mateo during root cause analysis

Photo 2. SAFETYNET team along with teams from Department of Health, Maharashtra, mentors and program organizers attending the Data to Policy program, Pune, December 2023

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