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[SAFETYNET Cambodia] 3rd FETP Intermediate contact session in Kampot Province from 29 May to 2 June

The first cohort of Cambodia FETP intermediate comes to the midst of the cohort. During this FETP intermediate workshop 3, the ten trainees presented their field work project progress and got valuable feedbacks from the mentors and FETP Cambodia faculty staffs who also participated in the workshop.

For the first time of this 9-months program, the trainees were equipped with scientific communication knowledge. The workshop introduced several important topics including abstract writing, executive summary, memorandum (memo), developing and presenting SOCO message, public health literature review and teaching and mentoring session. Trainees also had the opportunity to learn about animal health practices in relation to responding zoonotic diseases with the guest speaker from General Directorate of Animal Health and Production (GDAHP) of the Cambodia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.

This five-day workshop began on 29 May 2023 with 24 participants including trainees, mentors, and FETP staffs. The course-delivered instructors were from US-CDC, WHO, SAFETYNET Cambodia, GDAHP, and Communicable Disease Control Department of Cambodia Ministry of Health.

SAFETYNET resumed the logistic and financial support to Cambodia Ministry of Health’s FET Program in 2022 and we committed to fosters this kind of collaboration and cooperation in disease prevention and control effort in Cambodia and other countries in the region.

Group photo after completing energizing exercise on building collaboration and decision-making.

A trainee, Mr. Pong Khemarin, presented his 717 event review for his outbreak investigation at Prey Veng Province

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