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[SAFETYNET at Regional level] One Health Field Epidemiology Training Program in Southeast Asia fosters “One Health One Team Approach”

SAFETYNET in collaboration with the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), commenced One Health One Team Frontline FETP in Sabah province in Malaysia through cooperative agreement with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); marking a significant milestone in advancing the One Health approach in the region.

Sabah became the first province in the region to implement One Health FETP, bringing all together the diverse sectors: human, veterinary, environmental, and wildlife health under one umbrella. The success of this training is greatly amplified through the utilization of a Learning Management System (LMS). This digital platform provided a centralized hub for participants to access training materials and engage in interactive learning sessions, group forums, trainee mentor interaction. The platform also enables to track the progress of trainees towards their core activities of learnings.

The training program brought together diverse cohort of trainees and mentors from all four sectors, fostering a multidisciplinary environment where participants learnt from each other and collaborated effectively. This holistic approach enabled them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness between human, animal, and environmental health.

Through a combination of in person contact sessions, fieldwork, and hands-on exercises, interactive learning sessions through LMS; participants were trained with basic epidemiology skills, data management (data analysis, display, interpretation, and communication) and how to effectively respond to health threats. They learned to work as a one team, leveraging their diverse expertise to identify, investigate, and mitigate public health risks.

Graduates of One Health One Team Frontline FETP in Sabah are applying the learnings and skills, appreciating their data, and strengthening partnerships to make a lasting impact on the health and resilience of communities in Sabah and beyond.

The first cohort of One Health One Team in the Southeast Asia region stands as a remarkable success of interdisciplinary collaboration among environmental, human, veterinary, and wildlife health. Countries from the region are eagerly looking forward and expressing willingness to train the workforce.


Graduates from one health one team cohort-1


 Field Action: Foot on the ground


Water sampling during food poisoning outbreak


Collection of larvae sample for lab investigation to identify the larvae species during dengue outbreak


Interview with food handler during Food Poisoning Outbreak Investigation

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