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Attention Advanced FETPs in Asia Pacific Region: 5th cycle of TEPHINET Accreditation is now open

The basic eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Program duration: The duration of the program is equal to or greater than 21 months. (This typically refers to advanced programs.)

  2. Evidence of completed cohorts: At least two cohorts of residents have completed the program within the past five years, and at least 75 percent of the total residents who started the program also completed it.

  3. Predominance of field work: The majority of the residents’ time (68 weeks) is spent in field work.

Programs which have completed an Accreditation Readiness Assessment, have determined that they meet basic eligibility requirements, and can document adherence to all indicators and standards are encouraged to apply by submitting a Letter of Intent and Certification of Eligibility to Programs should be sure to use the most current documents as posted on the TEPHINET website. Forms from previous cycles will not be accepted. The most current documents are available at

Important Dates to Note:

  • Letters of Intent and Certifications of Eligibility are due by January 7, 2020.

  • Applications will be due January 31, 2020.

  • Site visits will take place between March 30 and June 26 (13 available weeks).

IMPORTANT Updates for the 5th Cycle of Accreditation

Updated Documents

The Certification of Eligibility, Letter of Intent, and Application forms have been updated. Minor changes have been made to the Minimum Indicators and Standards, including the addition of Domain 5.

Invitation to Apply

TEPHINET will review all Letters of Intent and Certifications of Eligibility and invite a maximum of five eligible programs to apply. One slot is reserved for each of the following regions:

• Africa

• Americas

• Eastern Mediterranean

• Europe

• Southeast Asia and Western Pacific

In the event that there is more than one applicant in a region, TEPHINET will randomly select one for the reserved slot. In the event that a region does not have an eligible application, TEPHINET will fill the slot by random selection from all remaining applicants. Eligible programs that are not selected will receive priority in the next cycle.

Language Support

TEPHINET will provide support during the site visit in the form of a hired local translator to support programs which do not operate or have documents in English or a language commonly spoken by reviewers in our pool. Programs should not be deterred from applying for reasons of language.

Site Visits

TEPHINET will only support one site visit per program. In the event that an additional site visit is required for any reason (e.g., a program was not accredited in a previous cycle), the program must support the entire cost of an additional site visit, if remote validation of standards cannot be arranged.

A Note for Future Cycles

Programs should note that, in the future, we expect to apply a sliding scale to the costs of site visits based upon a program’s ability to pay. All programs seeking re-accreditation will be expected to share costs with TEPHINET if site visits are required.

If you have any questions about this process, please email

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