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[PIHOA Vacancy] Public Health Accreditation Coordinator – Guam

Position Title

Public Health Accreditation Coordinator – Guam

Position Status

Independent Technical Consultant

Period of Performance

Immediately through July 31, 2024, with possible extension contingent on funding and performance

Duty Station

Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services (GDPHSS), Hagåtña, Guam

ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND: Established in 1986 by the chief health officials of the US- Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPIs) of American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and the Republic of Palau. The Pacific Island Health Officers’ Association (PIHOA) is a 501(c)3 headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a field office in Hagåtña, Guam. PIHOA’s mission is to provide, through collective action and decision-making, a credible regional voice for health advocacy in and for the Pacific.

Today, PIHOA’s membership is comprised of the ministers/directors/secretaries of health (executive governing board) of the six USAPIs, their deputies and Chief Executive Officers of local public hospitals (associates), and Pacific regional professional associations (affiliates). PIHOA’s Secretariat, comprised of executive, administrative, and technical staff and a number of short and long-term consultants, has been tasked to provide technical assistance to the USAPI health ministries and departments in the following health systems strengthening areas: 1) health workforce development/human resources for health (HRH); 2) health information systems, epidemiology, and surveillance; 3) performance improvement; 4) laboratory services; 5) regional health policy and advocacy; 6) health security; and 7) partnership and leadership engagement and coordination.

PIHOA Public Health Infrastructure Project: With funding support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Public Health Infrastructure Center (PHIC) through its OT21-2101 Partnership Cooperative Agreement with CDC, PIHOA is collaborating with OE22- 2203 Public Health Infrastructure Grant (PHIG) Component B Partners, such as the Association of State, Territorial, and Health Officials (ASTHO), the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), and the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), to provide technical assistance and support to the USAPIs to strengthen and expand public health workforce, foundational capabilities, and data modernization efforts. This specific project aims to strengthen efforts to build the public health foundation in the USAPIs by improving pathways and standards associated with public health accreditation.

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Under the general direction of the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services (GDPHSS) Program Coordinator designee, the Public Health Accreditation

Coordinator will provide coordination and technical support to the GDPHSS to plan, execute, and monitor the necessary efforts to achieving and maintaining public health accreditation through the U.S. public health accreditation agency, PHAB.

The Public Health Accreditation Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of accreditation readiness assessment, planning, and monitoring, coordination of local public health accreditation activities, and guiding GDPHSS to track and ensure continued PHAB accreditation status.


1. Reports To: Program Coordinator, GDPHSS, or designee

2. Geographic Areas of Responsibility: Guam, USA

3. Fiscal Responsibilities: None

4. Signature Authorities: No; all vendor and other contracts will require prior approval and be signed off by the PIHOA Executive Director and/or assigned PIHOA Technical Staff.

5. Level of Interaction: Must be able to work independently and in collaboration with other team members and diverse project stakeholders across the USAPIs health leadership, CDC, PHIG Component B Partners, and PIHOA. The position will interact with a wide array of multi-disciplinary team members working across multiple locations and may include interactions with national, state, and regional health leadership, including the USAPI Directors and Ministers/Secretaries of Health and regional technical partners.


Under the direction of the Program Coordinator, GDPHSS, or designee, the Public Health Accreditation Coordinator will:

1. Provide insight and guidance to staff on how to interpret PHAB’s “Guide to Standards and Measures Interpretation” and PHAB's “Acronyms and Glossary of Terms;”

2. Act as the primary point of contact with the PHAB; and serve as the subject matter expert on the PHAB accreditation process and required documentation;

a. Educate and train staff and stakeholders on the accreditation process, standards, measures, and reporting requirements for accreditation through the PHAB.

3. Act as the liaison between the GDPHSS, consultants, other agencies, and individuals contributing to the accreditation process;

4. Schedule and facilitate regular meetings and collaboration with staff in the development and revision of the strategic plan to ensure accreditation and coordinate the development and implementation of the GDPHSS’ internal plan to engage staff, community, and partner organizations in the accreditation process;

5. Develop and maintain a timeline for the accreditation initial and re-certification process, including tasks and assignments for the PHAB site visit, and be responsible for obtaining and maintaining data for accreditation reporting needs;

a. Organize PHAB site visit preparation activities and present site visit results to leadership and other stakeholders;

6. Develop and maintain a database of documents for conformity to accreditation standards and measures;

7. Prepare clear, concise, and accurate reports for leadership regarding accreditation status; oversee the collection and be involved with the final vetting of documentation for accreditation and re-accreditation; and submit all required documentation to PHAB, including registration, application materials, documents, and annual reports;

8. Participate in CDC PHIG and PHIG Component B-sponsored virtual and in-person meetings/trainings when required;

9. Submit all required data and information for accreditation; and submit all required data and information for reporting needs related to accreditation and assessments.


1. Submission of monthly invoices for payment and programmatic progress reports outlining activity and performance indicator completion status, including additional Duty Travel/Trip/Training Reports, and other relevant documentation providing evidence of work progress.

2. Submission of allowable travel reimbursable receipts as needed (calling/internet cards, airport tax, excess luggage, car rental fuel, etc.).

3. When completed, submission of all final and approved deliverables and reports.


1. Education: Minimum of Master’s degree in public health, or related field from an accredited university (or equivalent professional experience).

2. Experience

  • • 3-5 years or more of work experience in public health accreditation. Experience working as a Public Health Accreditation Coordinator is preferred.

  • • 1 year of experience in program management, assessment and accreditation, or quality improvement.

  • • Must have experience creating and maintaining an internal project database of proposed and selected documentation.

3. Knowledge: Must have an overall understanding of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation process, standards, measures, and domains. Familiarity with Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services (GDPHSS) policies and procedures is desirable.

4. Abilities and Skills

  • Excellent English oral and written communication with report-writing skills

  • Strong organizational and project management skills, with knowledge of the use of project management systems and tools

  • Able to facilitate meetings, discussions, and consensus processes

  • Able to research, collect, analyze, and evaluate data and recommended best practices, procedures, and techniques

  • Able to analyze problems, identify solutions, project consequences, and implement recommendations in support of accreditation goals

  • Intermediate to advanced computer literacy, proficient in Microsoft Office applications; and managing an internal database of proposed and selected documentation; familiarity with e-PHAB is desirable

5. Travel and Relocation: Must be willing and able to travel in the US and internationally, when required, with possible long durations away from home duty station. Must have a valid passport and be willing and able to travel in the US, Pacific region, and internationally. The position will require travel from home base for both short and long periods, and possibly to multiple locations under one travel period. Relocation travel airfare, per diem, and associated transit travel lodging between the home base and duty station may be covered by PIHOA if the candidate is not currently in Guam at the commencement and conclusion of the consultancy period.

6. Citizenship Requirements: The candidate must possess a valid passport or US visa type that enables work and residence in the US and its territories. PIHOA does not cover expenses related to acquiring a work visa or passport.

7. Other Requirements: PIHOA reserves the right to conduct security checks on successful applicants. Though not required, it is highly advised to have a valid driver’s license.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: This consultancy may require prolonged sitting and some standing, walking, kneeling, and bending, requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate computer keyboard and office equipment; and travel to resource-limited and/or rural and jungle/atoll/mountainous environments. Requires occasional lifting up to 45 pounds.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/OTHER DEMANDS: Given the nature of PIHOA work in the Pacific region and travel requirements for the consultancy services, PIHOA consultants/contractors may potentially be exposed to vector-borne and local infectious diseases, inclement weather conditions, high humidity, intense heat, and sun. Successful candidates must be flexible, adaptable, and able to work in resource-limited, rural island environments with limited public infrastructure and communications and often less than 1 to 2- star accommodations with little to no disability access.

COMPENSATION: Commensurate with qualifications and experience, the consultant will receive a monthly flat rate fee of USD nine thousand dollars ($9,000). Fringe and other benefits are not covered under PIHOA consultancy contracts. Consultants are required to submit monthly invoices for payment with accompanying progress reports that outline the status of deliverables.

TERM OF POSITION: This vacancy is considered a short-term independent consultancy with a contract effective date of immediately through July 31, 2024, with the possibility of renewal/extension based on performance and funding agency approval.

APPLICATION: Submit the following electronically with attention to the PIHOA Contracts Management Officer (

1. Letter of Interest that outlines your overall qualifications and professional experience in response to the Primary Qualifications listed above;

2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume; and

3. Minimum of three (3) professional references - these references must be from current and past employment supervisors based on the last 8-10 years of employment.

For any specific inquiries relating to the scope of work of the consultancy, please direct them to the PIHOA Contracts Management Officer (

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