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[Marshall Is. MOH Vacancy] Project Management and Technical Support – Organizational Development Specialist

Position Title

Project Management and Technical Support – Organizational Development Specialist

Position Type

Multi-Year, Technical Consultant

Ministry and Division

Ministry of Health and Human Services, Majuro Hospital


Delap Village, Majuro Atoll

Contract Period

4 years commencing immediately to November 30, 2027

Immediate Supervisors

Edlen Anzures, Health Informatics Director, RMI MOHHS, and the Project Management and Technical Support (PMTS) Team Lead (TL)

Contracting Agency

Pacific Island Health Officers’ Association (PIHOA) on behalf of RMI MOHHS


Negotiable based on academic qualifications and experience pertinent to the stated job responsibilities

JOB PURPOSE: The Project Management and Technical Support (PMTS) – Organizational Development Specialist (ODS) will be the primary technical focal point for the overall planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring support of the organizational development activities under Strategy A2–Foundational Capabilities, with a focus on expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of MOHHS leadership and staff to more successfully manage organizational change and performance. This work is funded under the RMI MOHHS’ Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure, Workforce, and Data Systems (OE22-2203) Grant from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (CSELS).

The ODS will be guided by and report directly to the PMTS Team Lead (TL), RMI MOHHS Health Informatics Director, the RMI MOHHS Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) and the RMI MOHHS’ OE22-2203 Project Management Unit (PMU). The PMU is comprised of designated RMI MOHHS staff and OE22-2203-funded consultant technical leads. The PMU will be responsible for the daily management oversight, planning, coordination, and monitoring of OE22-2203-funded activities. The PMU will be further supported by the RMI MOHHS’ OE22-2203 bona fide agent, the Pacific Islands Health Officers’ Association (PIHOA), who will provide administrative and fiscal support for the RMI MOHHS’ OE22-2203 grant. The ODS, as one of the consultant technical leads, will be expected to be an active member of the PMU.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the guidance of the RMI MOHHS PMU and co-supervision of the RMI MOHHS Health Informatics Director and the PMTS TL, the PMTS ODS will:

1. Collaborate with the RMI MOHHS MLT and PMU to plan and conduct an onsite baseline organizational assessment of the RMI MOHHS, defining the MOHHS’ organizational climate, culture, and current strategies, as well as diagnosing problem/issues that impact the MOHHS’ effectiveness;

2. Develop an OD Plan that addresses findings and recommendations for specific targeted actions to address assessment findings;

3. Recruitment and performance monitoring of other grant-funded OD consultants/contractors in coordination with the TL;

4. Conduct development/continuous refinement, coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the OE22-2203-funded organizational development (OD) activities in alignment with the RMI MOHHS' 8-Year Ministry Strategy Plan (MSP);

5. Review, refine, and draft policies and procedures;

6. Plan, convene and facilitate OD planning meetings with RMI MOHHS MLT, PMU, and relevant program staff and local/international partners;

7. Plan and execute mid- and end-term grant OD evaluation activities in coordination with the TL;

8. Provide other OD technical advisory support on request by the RMI MOHHS;

9. When requested, attend and actively participate in all assigned OE22-2203 grants management meetings with the PMU, PIHOA, and CDC to discuss planning, implementation status, reporting, and troubleshooting of approved OD activities;

10. Support the PMTS TL and PIHOA to compile and collate any required CDC progress reports and other grant-required submissions; and

11. Support the PMTS TL and PMU to plan and implement mid- and end-term OE22-2203 grant evaluation activities per CDC grant requirements.


1. Baseline and annual OD environmental assessment reports

2. Organizational Development Plan

3. Complete at least ten RMI domestic neighboring island trips for initial project scoping and environmental scan within the first year of consultancy

4. Minimum 75% implementation rate of approved activities per the OD Plan

5. Provision of OD technical assistance and training

6. New and/or updated SOPs



1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology, organizational behavior, Business Administration, Public Administration, or another related field from a recognized university. Master’s degree or above preferred.

2. Minimum eight years of experience in health organizational development, change management, leadership development, team building, process improvement and performance management, ideally in low-resource settings.


1. Must have advanced knowledge of and experience in Organizational Development theory, processes, and best practices; diagnosing problems/issues that interfere with organization effectiveness; developing strategic interventions to address diagnosed problems; implementing, monitoring, and course-correcting interventions; and evaluating implementation of the change and its impact.

2. Must have demonstrated experience working collaboratively with professionals and leadership in a team-based environment, preferably in a healthcare setting.

3. Must have advanced interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to facilitate effective, professional, and compassionate communication and consultations with health agency leadership and program staff, community stakeholders, partners, and funders.

4. Must have advanced computer skills, including familiarity with MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and fluency in a variety of applicable programming languages, software, and systems.

5. Must have advanced English-speaking and writing skills.

6. Must have excellent observational skills and attention to detail, including high-level critical thinking and timely, effective decision-making to adapt to and resolve problems as they arise.

7. Must be self-motivated, disciplined, and able to operate with limited supervision.

8. Must demonstrate compassion, patience, and ability to adapt to less-than-ideal, complex, and intense working conditions, including environments with little or no English-speaking skills and diverse cultural/ideological beliefs and practices.

9. Must have a valid passport to be able to travel domestically and internationally.

10. When requested, must be able to submit Police and Medical Clearance Reports as part of entry requirements into the RMI.

11. Must have a valid driver’s license.


  • Office and program equipment and supplies needed to conduct contract work will be provided by PIHOA and the RMI MOHHS, including but not limited to a desk and chair, laptop, relevant software subscriptions and laptop accessories, and general office supplies (PIHOA) and office space (RMI MOHHS).

  • Travel expenses between the candidate’s home base and the duty station in Majuro, RMI will be fully covered by PIHOA using the most economical and direct travel route (coach class) at the start and conclusion of the contracted performance period, including any required transit accommodation and related expenses (ground transportation to/from airport and transit hotel), arrival/departure fees, and transit daily subsistence allowance per PIHOA’s Travel Policy. Any accompanied luggage/air cargo, excess weight expenses, and travel insurance fees may be eligible for reimbursement upon submission of proper expense receipts from the airline and travel insurance provider. Transportation of household furniture, goods, personal vehicle, etc., will not be covered.

  • At the start of the contract, PIHOA will cover up to 14 days of hotel accommodation, daily subsistence allowance, ground transportation, and other eligible relocation expenses to allow time for the successful candidate to identify more permanent local housing.

  • Any local, RMI domestic travel required in the conduct of work within the RMI will be covered by PIHOA using RMI MOHHS’ Travel Policy. All other travels not associated with contracted work will be at the expense of the candidate.

  • Dependent travel may be eligible to be covered at the start and end of the contract performance period and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and pending the availability of funds.

  • No other benefits will be provided by PIHOA or the RMI MOHHS. Any medical or other insurance expenses, local and home base taxes, etc. will be the sole responsibility of the candidate. The RMI MOHHS can provide information regarding applying for local medical insurance through the RMI Government medical insurance scheme.

APPLICATION: Submit the following electronically with attention to the PIHOA Contracts Management Officer (

1. Letter of Interest that outlines your overall qualifications and professional experience in response to the Primary Qualifications listed above;

2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume; and

3. Minimum of three (3) professional references - these references must be from current and past employment supervisors based on the last 8-10 years of employment.

For any specific inquiries relating to the scope of work of the consultancy, please direct them to the PIHOA Contracts Management Officer (

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