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[Closed] FETP Resident Advisor for Indonesia

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Terms of Reference for FETP Resident Advisor, SAFETYNET Indonesia

Resident Advisor for Frontline and Intermediate Field Epidemiology Programs

  • Coordinates with MOH including FETP Secretariat, SAFETYNET, CILOTO Training Center, and USCDC on technical aspects on the Frontline and Intermediate FETP and other related activities, especially those that support Indonesia’s response to SARS-CoV-2.

  • Supervises SAFETYNET-Indonesia staff

  • Serve as the lead technical advisor to train fellows who can practice evidence-based public health, detection and response to disease outbreaks, and strengthen disease surveillance systems

  • Coordinates with SAFETYNET- HQ regarding administrative concerns

  • Provide support to USCDC to implement Frontline and Intermediate FETP focused on building surveillance, epidemiological, and outbreak response capacity with a view of overall systems strengthening

  • Participate in the USCDC and SAFETYNET team meetings or working groups, and other working groups or committees as needed and provide information, advice, and guidance

  • Serve as a link between MoH including FETP Secretariat and USCDC-Indonesia leadership and other staff by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts, helping resolve work-related problems, and providing timely program updates

  • Review all projects and work conducted by trainees for scientific quality and appropriateness and ensures that all projects receive appropriate ethical approvals and CDC clearances

  • Review field program activities including monitoring financial reports with the program team and on a periodic basis and identify and correct performance problems

  • Identify the training needs of staff and address them in a systematic manner

  • Provide data on program monitoring as specified by CDC

  • Assess adequacy of the curriculum to train participants in field epidemiology, surveillance, epidemiology methods, field projects, communication, and outbreak response

  • Assist in the recruitment of FETP Frontline and Intermediate participants and mentors

  • Coordinates with other FETP stakeholders including local governments, sub-national training centers, participating universities in the Advance FETP, professional organization, FETP Alumni, FETP-V, and FETP Advance Resident Advisor to ensure the training are aligned with other related activities.

  • Ensure that field projects are robust enough to provide FETP participants to gain knowledge, experience, and skill in conducting field projects

  • Ensure adequate mentoring of FETP Frontline and Intermediate participants

  • Undertakes other tasks as are assigned on time to time basis by the SAFETYNET and USCDC leadership

Kindly submit your applications to on or before February 28, 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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