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[Announcement] APCOVE eLearning modules are now available

APCOVE is pleased to announce that all APCOVE eLearning modules are now available for free of cost on their website:

This is now the most comprehensive training package globally for field veterinary epidemiology, available online free of cost for anyone to access from anywhere in the world. We are even willing to share the back-end versions of these modules with various organisations and training programs if they want to adapt these modules to their contexts, as long as they can make the updated version available for free under the same non-restrictive conditions. Please get in touch with me if your organisation is interested in obtaining the back-end versions.

Please note that these modules have also been translated into five languages for Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. These translated versions are being tested and will be released in due course.

It has taken a huge collaborative effort to develop this training package over the past three years. I take this opportunity to thank all the authors, co-authors, reviewers and designers who contributed to developing the eLearning modules.

Please read this story for further information:

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