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Honoring Dr. Dionisio Herrera

SAFETYNET joins the global healthcare community in honoring the memory of Dr. Dionisio Jose Herrera Guibert who passed away on 4 December 2018 after serving as TEPHINET Director since 2009 and on SAFETYNET’s Board of Directors since the establishment of our organization.

“Doctor Dio,” as he was fondly referred to by members and associates of SAFETYNET, was instrumental in the accelerated growth of the worldwide Field Epidemiology community, not only in our region, but also in Africa, Latin America, and the East Mediterranean. The number of FETP units all over the world has, in fact, more than doubled during Dr. Herrera’s watch as there are now 71 such programs serving over 100 countries.

SAFETYNET Executive Director, Dr. Consorcia Lim Quizon noted that Dr. Herrera was successful in bringing together the field epidemiologists of the world; first as a collegial body, then as friends, then as family. “This is no mean feat,” she added.

It is no wonder that The Task Force for Global Health conferred on Dr. Herrera its inaugural Consequential Compassion Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Global Health in a ceremony at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on 30 October 2018.

SAFETYNET is determined to build upon the many worthwhile gains attributed to Dr. Herrera’s vision, leadership, and guidance in the years to come.

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