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[CLOSED] Job Opening: Vietnam FETP Program Officer

Terms of Reference for Vietnam FETP Program Officer

The Program Officer must support / assist the national counterparts and US-CDC counterparts in Vietnam in two main areas:

(1) technical and coordination activities and;

(2) managerial processes.

1. Technical and coordination duties

1.a. Teaching- assist in the following:

  • Develop/modify curriculum and training materials (e.g. case studies), including renovated short course training materials, based on agreed upon competencies

  • Teach courses to trainees/ trainers/other epidemiologists

  • Build capacity among faculty (e.g., training, mentoring)

  • Develop annual training plan, consolidate training results and progress of the program

  • Join in collaborative multi-sector activities (e.g. collaboration with FETN, GHSA,etc)

1.b. Field work- assist in the following:

  • Identify field placement sites on the basis of agreed upon selection criteria

  • Contribute to the development of field-based mentors

  • Provide on-site and distance field supportive supervision

  • Review and provide feedback on abstracts, protocols, reports, manuscripts and presentations prepared by trainees under the supervision of the national faculty

  • Recruit and build capacity among field supervisors (e.g., training, backstopping)

  • Direct supervisors and trainees towards projects that lead to public health action, according to the “learning through service” principle

1.c. Monitoring and evaluation:

  • Collaborate with consultants to design, implement, and evaluate a monitoring and evaluation framework for FETP in Viet Nam.

  • Work with MOH and international partners to collect and analyze monitoring and evaluation data.

  • Develop and distribute reports of monitoring and evaluation data.

  • Use monitoring and evaluation data to improve performance of FETP.

1.d. Coordination and Communication

  • Work closely with GDPM and FETP implementing partners to develop, review, and revise the FETP work plan and to organize Management Board and Technical Working Group meetings to ensure that the work plan is consistently implemented.

  • Facilitate establishment and maintenance of routine communication among trainees, mentors, staff, and supervisors.

  • Provide feedback on activity progress and facilitate solution-seeking discussion among national counterparts and international partners including CDC Vietnam.

  • Contribute to representing the FETP at technical meetings and conferences, along with national counterparts.

  • Meet regularly with Manila-based SafetyNet staff as well as CDC Vietnam staff.

2. Programme administration

  • Organize field visits and travel for trainees, mentors, and MOH staff, when appropriate.

  • Monitor trainees’ progress on core competencies and technical production (e.g., report, studies, papers)

  • Financial

  • Disburse needed funds for FETP activities that are specific for SAFETYNET support.

  • Keep financial records of transactions.

  • Responsible for liquidation of cash advances.

  • Program support

  • Coordinate and cooperate with administrative assistants, supervisors and other key personnel from GDPM.

3. Performs other duties requested by the SAFETYNET Executive Director, FETP Secretariat and US-CDC office in Vietnam

The Program Officer shall hold office at the designated space in FETP-GDPM and shall report directly to the Director of GDPM or his designate.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Vietnamese national

  • Master degree of public health or epidemiologist

  • Minimum 5 years of public health work, management experience is preferable.

  • Familiar with Ministry of Health structure and administrative procedures

  • Fluent in Vietnamese and English languages

  • Willing to travel up to 25% time and be based in Hanoi

Submit your applications to

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