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Philippines FETP becomes the first Asian program accredited by TEPHINET

Undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo presents Philippines Department of Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque with a plaque on behalf of TEPHINET Director Dr. Dionisio Herrera signifying FETP Philippines accreditation.

SAFETYNET wishes to congratulate the Field Epidemiology Training Program of the Philippines for receiving accreditation status from TEPHINET in 11 January 2018, making it the first such program in Asia to be awarded this accreditation.

Following the program accreditation application review, and in accordance with the TEPHINET Minimum Accreditation Indicators and Standards for Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs), the TEPHINET Global Accrediting Body has approved the following programs for accreditation as of January 11, 2018:

  • Philippines Field Epidemiology Training Program

  • Zimbabwe Field Epidemiology Training Program

Accreditation is an opportunity for FETPs to align with common standards that support quality training and increased recognition of their value in supporting country public health priorities. Since the launch of the first cycle of accreditation in 2016, a total of eight programs have been accredited by TEPHINET. Learn more here.

The third cycle of FETP accreditation will begin in February 2018. TEPHINET member FETPs will receive an official announcement and instructions via email for participating in this process. Programs that have completed the Accreditation Readiness Assessment and have determined that they meet all of the basic eligibility requirements and the Accreditation Minimum Indicators and Standards are encouraged to apply for the upcoming cycle.

First Cycle of Accreditation (2016)

  • Canada Field Epidemiology Program

  • Epidemic Intelligence Service (United States)

  • United Kingdom Field Epidemiology Training Programme

Second Cycle of Accreditation (2017)

  • Brazil Field Epidemiology Training Program (Programa de Treinamentoem Epidemiologia Aplicadaaos Serviço do SUS - EpiSUS)

  • Cameroon Field Epidemiology Training Program

  • Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program

  • Philippines Field Epidemiology Training Program

  • Zimbabwe Field Epidemiology Training Program

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