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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

TEPHINET and the US CDC are now welcoming nominations for the 2021 CDC Director's Award for Excellence in Epidemiology and Public Health Response.

This coveted distinction, which is not necessarily awarded every year, gives recognition to a country program, whether FETP or FELTP, for significant contributions toward successful responses to public health threats such as natural and or man-made disasters, disease outbreaks, humanitarian crises, and other health emergencies.

The Director’s Award recognizes excellence in epidemiologic practice or research and contributions that address a public health issue of major importance by applying epidemiologic principles and methods. Programs that have garnered success in improving human health, substantially reducing disease burden, or representing innovations to public health practice based on epidemiologic foundations or implementation of epidemiologic approaches are encouraged to vie for the award.

All nominations must be accompanied by a one-page summary of the program’s accomplishments which should be submitted to the CDC Director’s Award Nomination Committee by 30 June 2021.

This award will be presented during the virtual FETP International Nights Awards Ceremony on July 15.

Please contact Cindy W. Brown ( or Bob Fontaine ( for further details.

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