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[TEPHINET] Photo Contest Winners - 10th Bi-regional TEPHINET Scientific Conference

SAFETYNET extends their warm congratulations to the winners of the photo contest for the 10th Southeast Asia & Western Pacific Bi-regional TEPHINET Scientific Conference.

1st place: Ma. Ivy Rozeth Saavedra-Iturralde (Philippines FETP)

Field investigation on vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 with FETP fellows and local public health personnel in a southern Mindanao Island, Philippines, November 2019

[Photo Credit: TEPHINET. (n.d.). Saavedra-Iturralde_Philippines_2. Flickr. Retrieved June 16, 2021, from]

2nd place: Werenfridus Leonardo Luan (Indonesia)

Fogging focus - This activity is carried out in the context of overcoming dengue hemorrhagic fever, which aims to kill adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with the dengue virus so that there is no person-to-person transmission. This activity was carried out in Tugu sub-district, Guava village, Trenggalek district, East Java province on January 21, 2020. This collection was carried out during field practice 1: analysis of health problems in the health office of Trenggalek district, East Java province.

[Photo Credit: TEPHINET. (n.d.-a). Nando_Indonesia_1. Flickr. Retrieved June 16, 2021, from]

3rd place: Dagmawi Abebe (Ethiopia)

A photo was taken during a surveillance data analysis activity, the place is at Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Date photo captured on April 25, 2021. The one who on the photograph is a field epidemiology resident in epidemiologic surveillance activity.

[Photo Credit: TEPHINET. (n.d.-a). Abebe_Ethiopia_1. Flickr. Retrieved June 16, 2021, from]

4th place (Facebook vote winner): Salwa Yahya Mohammed Al-Eryani (Yemen)

As intervention during a measles outbreak, vitamin A supplement for measles contacts were given by Y-FETP resident in Amran, Yemen, 17 March 2021

[Photo Credit: TEPHINET. (n.d.-a). Abebe_Ethiopia_1. Flickr. Retrieved June 16, 2021, from]

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