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[SAFETYNET India] Chickenpox Outbreak investigations, I-FETP Chhattisgarh cohort-1

Dr. Manikanda Nesan (Consultant and FETP Faculty-SAFETYNET at ICMR-NIE) guided the investigation of two chickenpox outbreaks in two districts of Chhattisgarh, India from March 13 to 16, 2023. He visited both the districts to guide three Intermediate FETP (I-FETP) officers in the outbreak investigation process. He also interacted with the case-patients, contacts, family members, community leaders, school teachers and health care workers.

After collecting data in the field, Dr. Nesan also supported the I-FETP NCD officers from Chhattisgarh with the data analysis and report preparation for their field projects.

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I-FETP Officer along with the microbiology team taking the sample from the chickenpox lesion

The investigation team interacting with the community health worker during their visit to the affect village

The investigation team interacting with the teachers and children in one of the affected schools

Dr. Manikanda Nesan with the four I-FETP NCD officers from Chhattisgarh during the field mentorship

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