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[SAFETYNET] FETP Director Meeting on April 4, 2023

SAFETYNET Director Meetings are regularly held, quarterly for the virtual meetings and once a year for the in-person meetings. The last in-person FETP Director meeting was conducted in Hanoi from December 6-8, 2022. This is the 1st quarterly virtual meeting in 2023.

There were 28 participants who are directors of FETP training programs in the Asian and Western Pacific countries, and SAFETYNET staff. The meeting provided updates of the SAFETYNET strategic planning (resulting from the FETP Director Meeting in Hanoi last December), the preparation for 11th TEPHINET Bi-regional Scientific Conference in Canberra this September, the introduction of TEPHINET Accreditation, and presentations from FETP training activities in Nepal and Cambodia.

During the meeting, Directors of FETP programs in the region also shared short updates of their program’s breaking news, discussed opportunities for collaboration and experience sharing among programs. They all looked forward to the next quarterly meeting and the in-person meeting that could be incorporated during the Canberra conference.

Photo 1. The Meeting Agenda

Photo 2. Summary of the FETP Director Meeting in Hanoi

Photo 3. SAFETYNET Steering Committee

Photo 4. Updates on the 11th TEPHINET Bi-regional in Canberra

Photo 5. Call for the host of the 12th TEPHINET Bi-regional in 2025

Photo 6. Updates of FETP trainings in Nepal

Photo 7. Updates of FETP trainings in Nepal (coverage)

Photo 8. Cambodia updates from the field perspective

Photo 9. Cambodia updates from the field perspective (partnership and collaboration)

Photo 10. Introduction of TEPHINET Accreditation

Photo 11. Introduction of TEPHINET Accreditation Application

Photo 12. Illustration of EIS Accreditation with SAFETYNET support in India

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