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[SAFETYNET] Cambodia FETP Frontline 5th Cohort Second workshop in Siem Reap Province, 25-29 December 2023

Updated: Jan 3

After completing field work assignments at the individual workplace, the twenties FETP frontline trainees joined the second contacts session where all trainees presented their field work one’s products in the contact session workshop. The workshop 2 was conducted at Somadevi Hotel Resort and Spa in Siem Reap Province from 25-29 December 2023. 

During the five days workshop, trainees were taught about the steps of outbreak investigation, surveillance problem analysis using fishbone diagram, and laboratory processes during outbreak investigation in addition to presenting their field work results.

In the afternoon of day four of the workshop, all trainees had a study visit to laboratory at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital where they learnt about involvement of laboratory during the outbreak investigation and involvement of laboratory in public health surveillance system like AMR, Malaria, TB, etc.

The Cambodia SAFETYNET with its partner US CDC has supported Cambodia Ministry of Health logistically and financially for the FETP frontline training. SAFETYNET committed to support Cambodia MOH to build stronger workforce development in fighting public health threats in the country through FETP training.

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