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[Job Vacancy] Subnational Consultant for DOH Philippines/Global Fund Surveillance Project

The Task Force for Global Health Global (TFGH) is collaborating with the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) to enhance surveillance capacity. This surveillance strengthening project, funded by the Global Fund, aims to increase the country's capacity to:

  1. Implement early warning and epidemic intelligence systems to shorten the time from detection, reporting and response to outbreaks.

  2. Increase interconnectivity between laboratory and epidemiologic data systems, including event reporting at health facilities and community levels.

  3. Improve accessibility and utilization of data for response purposes.

TFGH is seeking an individual to provide technical assistance for a range of activities pertaining to early warning surveillance systems. The epidemiologist, under TFGH Global Fund surveillance project, will be assigned to the DOH Regional Office and be directly supervised by the national team lead from TFGH. The individual’s role involves offering technical support primarily at the subnational level, with the possibility of supporting national level issues at the discretion of the TFGH National Team Lead. The primary focus of his/her work will be to enhance the country’s capacity in detecting and responding to emerging public health events, while also improving access to and utilization of surveillance data.

Please see the Terms of Reference here for more information:

[Final] GF Sub-National Surv Consultant TOR _Phillipines
Download PDF • 559KB

For interested applicants, please contact the following persons with your curriculum vitae and a letter of interest on or before August 1, 2023

- Samuel Ngobua (

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