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Sample Collection From COVID 19 Recovered Case for IgG testing at National Centre for Disease Control, Delhi, India

RT-PCR sample taking Team in DH Agra with EISOs

Physical Distancing Established by EISOs for COVID-19 Test in Agra District Hospital

Pamphlets Provided to COVID 19 Affected Family to Aware them on Preventive measures to be taken to stop spread from them

NCDC, Safetynet Staff Collecting Sample From Contacts of COVID 19, Delhi, India

Helpline Numbers Provided by Safetynet Staff and EIS Officer to COVID 19 Affected Family Facing Social Discrimination, Urban Slum, Delhi, India

EIS Officers Visited Reverse Quarentine Centre Established for Elderly and Co-morbid at Cochine, Kerala, India

Blood Sample Collected from COVID 19 Case to Detect IgG Antibodies in Resettlment Colony of East Delhi, India

Examining the possibility of Converting DH Agra into COVID HOSPITAL

SAFETYNET associate Sushma Choudhary conducts a session on COVID surveillance in India and orientation on training material for COVID-19 at a front line training activity in Patna (Bihar) State.

Dr Choudhary joins a team of EIS officers at a COVID-19 outbreak investigation at a private tertiary healthcare facility in Delhi.

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