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1st Training Workshop on One Health in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on August 20-25, 2023

In the spirit of One Health One Team, SAFEYTNET as the implementing partner of USCDC started Frontline One Health FETP with mentees and mentors from Human, Animal, Wildlife and Environment.

We collaborated with University Sabah Malaysia and formed the local counterpart and is providing technical and logistics support. This is the First Born of Frontline One Health FETP that has participation from all 4 sectors (Environment, Human, Veterinary and Wildlife) and being assigned as One Team with mix cohort of 14 mentees, 8 mentors and 5 facilitators.

The training is also conducted using the eLearning method (Learning management system) for self-paced learning and to track the progress and discussion for effective mentorship.

During this workshop 1, we oriented mentors on effective mentoring, leadership, and team building (August 20-21, 2023).

Presence of Head of Departments from all the four sectors encouraged mentees and mentors and ensured to have full support in completion of their core activities of learnings. They encouraged the training and envisaged one of the priorities to strengthen workforce at grassroot level. We have interesting surveillance activities, e.g “Unexpected death of wild elephants” involving wildlife, animal, and environment. We have others like melioidosis/rabies/dengue, etc. that involved all sectors.


Mentors Orientation (20-21, August, 2023)

Team building

Technical Sessions

Group Activities by Mentees

Mentees Networking and Table Top Exercises

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